The class of Motion Design 21 from Hyper Island will showcase the results of their Personal Project, which is the final course that students take part in their Hyper Journey. The Final Exhibition gives the students a chance to show their skills in motion design by creating a short piece of their own. The exhibition will take place here on the website November 27th at 5pm (UTC+01:00).”

Reconnected – 2D

In a world where being connected have become as important as food, an ancient power travels foward in time to fix the issue.
A Project with a focus on the element of collaboration in the creative process. 

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Showreel – 2D/CEL

Principles of animation via small gifs

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Darker – 3D

A horror game escape scenario, where you have to find away to get from the evil that surrounds you. At the same time you will search for clues and find out more and more about your captor.

You’ve been invited to an old lady’s mansion, who claims to be a distant relative of yours. Her name is Gretchen and she says she wants to discuss a matter of heritage. She is old and frail and uses a wheelchair to get around. But at your arrival Something feels off… Something doesn’t make sense… And as you prepare to spend your first night in the mansion, you’re starting to get second thoughts about your decision to stay…

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A game themed video showcasing different worlds with an short amount of time. 

An artist named Azermellow created 2 worlds for the public to view but he knows that the society nowadays only look down on their smartphone and don’t pay attention to the surroundings so he decided to set a limited amount of time to view the creations and hopefully people become more aware/present.

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The Rat King – 2D
A story about determination. 

A husband comes home only to find out that his wife has been abducted. He sets on a mission to rescue her no matter what.

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BoBo’s Bizarre – Fruit Mayhem

A message to all the kids on this planet – to change their relation and attitude towards a healthier diet.

BoBo is the main character and the key to make a realization active for kids whom don’t eat their fruits and veggies.

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A lesson in flying – CEL

Sunny is a young, curious girl. She dreams about flying but no one believes in her.. But the only thing that matters is that she believes in herself.

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Rubbah Duckie – 2D

I, I did a thing, a thing with a rubber duck. yes.

A rubber duck with no way of propelling itself forward crosses the ocean. It’s stupid.

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Life Giving Back – CEL

Animated short based on poem by Thomas Rudd

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Kingdom – 3D

A project where I have been exploring SideFX Houdini & motion design.

My project is an portfolio project showing a teaser for my upcoming movie Your kingdom. Presenting assets based on inspiration that I took with coversations with my good friends and tasks from my mentor.


Showreel and website 2D and CEL

A collection of animations and style.

The majority of the moving content has been made during this project.

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Cottontail hunt – CEL

An exciting action piece in the style of a TV opening. I wanted to highlight what Cel animation does best. Bending reality and allowing for a fast paced story. At the same time, trying to advance the format to the best of my capability. Though I might not have created something unique looking, I had the opportunity to experiment with a lot of different processes, programs and tech of the future.

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Hemp the earth – 2D

In the story the earth is dying because of human impact. We will show and talk about what we consume today and how hemp can help the earth to sustain.

Educating a little about how plants (Hemp) are a way better resource then oil and petroleum for the products we use today.

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Escapeism – 3D

Highlighting how lockdown feels for us by showcasing the world’s hazards and uplifting the 3D industry through a virtual world.

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A venture investigating the human capacity and diverse inventive universes.

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Element – 3D

Different world.


Casa De La Timba – 2D

Principles of animation gifs and Logo animation.

Casa de La Timba is a startup DJ Duo that aims to bring the cuban music and dance genre Timba in the attention of more people via social media, and at the same time to bring more awareness to female DJ’s in this music genre.


Showreel 2020 – CEL/Stop Motion/2D

Showreel consisting of my explorations within CEL, stop motion and 2D.

As someone that is still learning and exploring the motion design industry, I wanted to learn and experiment with CEL, stop motion and 2D. For that reason almost all the pieces in the showreel were created specifically for this project.

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Moving shapes synced to music.

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Alienation – 2D

A critique towards capitalism addressing some of its impact on human and more-than-human life/styles

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Ambivert – 3D

An abstract exploration of feelings of extroversy and introversy, and the constant prescence of bad self esteem.

My project is an abstraction of very personal feelings of being torn in between two very distinct needs, the need of social stimulation and the need to recharge by yourself. I believe it is important to follow your gut feeling at all times. If one’s feelings are not attuned to the gut feeling, the ever looming prescence of bad self esteem might take hold and everything could fall apart. My piece tries to stylize and abstract these feelings as they happen within a person, and what could go wrong if emotional imbalance takes place.


Toxic positivity – 2D

It’s a message to people who spread toxic positivity and who don’t even guess what is happening to the person who experiences difficulties in life or depression. It has to provoke disturbance, warning and increase awareness.

I worked with 2D animation. I used Adobe Illustrator to create typography and color palette. I used Adobe After Effects to create an animated posters ( the main technique was kinetic typography), to composite all the elements together and to add soundtrack in the end.

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To see the state of today’s world through an animal’s perspective.

I wanted to create an animation about the climate crisis and human actions that affects innocent lives everyday. This is my take on an awareness video about critical problems in today’s world. Will it lead to any change for the better? Probably not, but you never know…

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Purpose – CEL

Eddie is a man with supernatural powers at the same time, having struggles with his true potential.

A lot of people are having self-doubts today, including myself. I want to show that sometimes, we need that extra push from our loved ones to overcome our fears. But to seize our true potential, it must come within ourselves.

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Brian – 2D

A day in the life of Brian.

An ordinary day in the life of an almost ordinary man. I created this short to practice and showcase my character animations.

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Palé – 2D

Expressive Motion Graphics with music.

For my personal project I wanted to explore motion graphic techniques and illustrations moving wtih the melody of the song “A Pale”, from the spanish artist Rosalia. I got inspired by the spirit of the song. It centers around an empowering female lead and the ability to be strong and carry a lot of weight.

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Explore is charity driven magazine/microblog/Zine that discovers cultures and artistry (artwork/music/design).

Explore is charity driven magazine/microblog that discovers cultures and artistry (artwork/music/design). Explore is not your traditional magazine, it crosses paths with the digital world and displays/showcases art with AR, qr scans, animations and graphic designs in the pages of the magazine/zine/microblog

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Personal project – 2D

Reflecting History from a Personal Perspective

2020 visualized from a personal perspective and an individual story.

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Mech a2100 D – 3D

The year is 2104 and this mech is built to deffend his troops in world war III.

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Super Calamario – 2D

The beginning of the beginning of a story about the mundanity of life.

A project very close to my heart that I almost gave up on and actually put on the shelf for a few weeks. Then one day I said to myself “Ah what the heck!”.

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Alive – CEL

An animated movie trailer about two young siblings on a grand adventure across space.

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The Abominbale Settee – 2D

All she wanted was to change the channel. Now she’s fighting for control against the Abominable Settee.

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Ambrozia Ativation – Perfomance video

Video of Perfomance with Projection mapping. 

This project is about expressing inner hero. We live our life not knowing about what is actually happening inside us. We choose some personality to express that is suitable and comfortable for others. And suppressing our inner subconscious needs.

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The launch – 3D

A rocket being launched from Karlskrona

A 3D project mixed with life action. A small rocket launch in Karlskrona

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Renascence – 3D

A metaphorical piece about personal growth.


Poetry in motion – Live Action

“Film as dream, film as music”… like Bergman once said.

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